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Chinatown Chamber











The Chinatown Chamber of Commerce in Chicago was hosting its 37th annual gala and beauty pageant. They wanted to modernize and make more high-quality promotional material as well as enhance their processes. Winners for the pageant get to go to Hong Kong for the global competition. 42nd Parallel created and designed flyers, posters, digital ads, centerpieces, and individual highlights for each girl that demonstrated their theme “vibrant city, beauty, and prestige”. We also created a QR code-triggered voting process to increase audience participation.  Ads were distributed to local businesses, local media outlets, and on social media. 42nd Parallel was also on site to call and produce the event.  Over 600 attendees were on site to celebrate Chinese beauty and Chinese culture. The press came to cover the event and overall impressions from the pageant to the earned media garnered over 3 million+ impressions.

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